We bought a lovely home fronting on a private golf course in San Jose. One flaw nagged at me: above-ground telephone, cable TV and power lines impact our view.

     We retained Sarah Rah to investigate the feasibility of burying those lines underground. She contacted the utility companies and city departments to identify the complicated regulations, permit process, fees and construction costs. We learned that combined expenses proved too costly to be practical. ​                                       —California Client  Summer 2015

                                      Sarah Rah advised me on handling a trespass problem on a vacant parcel I own in the Sierra Foothills. The next door renter began driving across my property, even grading a crude driveway, without my permission. Sarah researched the title and unauthorized access issues involved. She checked county regulations for possible code violations. With sensitivity, she contacted the neighbor's landlord and outlined a win-win strategy for us to resolve the problem.                          — California client  2016-17​

                                 Unexpectedly, a letter came naming me as my grandmother's sole heir and executor. Grandma's files were jumbled and I had no idea how to settle her estate. I didn't know how to locate her vacant desert lots or how to understand title details on Grandma's several properties in California and Colorado.                 

    Thankfully, InSpex sorted out the mess and tracked down the information I needed. Sarah introduced me to attorneys to file Grandmother's probate and final tax returns in both states. I could not have managed without InSpex, whose modest fee saved me thousands of dollars in legal costs and travel expenses.

—Colorado/California Client  Fall 2010