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                                      During our divorce, my husband withheld information from me. I asked the Inspex team to research a dozen jointly held urban buildings, resort condos, rural land and development properties in CO, CA, NY & HI.

​   Inspex uncovered hidden legal issues and/or complicated partnerships on some of the properties. Those facts helped my attorney protect my interests in the divorce settlement.                

— Colorado client  9/15/2012​

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• Site characteristics

• Location & traffic factors

• Population demographics

• Market influences

• Financing & insurance red flags

• Feasibility


• Liens or encroachments 

• Access issues

• Ownership complications


• Current zoning status

• City/county planning and zoning policies

• Future plans affecting neighborhood

• Zone change opportunities 

• Potential to enlarge or add more units


• Neighborhood context

• Market area influences

• Expansion opportunities

                                      As an out of state investor, I needed help from InSpex to evaluate a 'bargain' mountain property in the Rockies. It had two dilapidated  houses and multiple parcels. Sarah and Eric researched county records, easements, mining history, well rights and road access, along with a host of other issues. InSpex explained how complicated it would be to resolve the many building code violations, structural deficiencies, title problems and lack of well water. They discovered that one of the houses actually overlapped onto a neighboring property. Advice from InSpex saved me from making a big mistake.

—California Client 9/15/2016

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